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"Spa Luna Jaguar a  King experience "

Tour Spa Luna Jaguar
Out of Copan Ruins: 8:00 a.m. returning 12:0 p.m.
Out of Copan Ruins: 1:00 p.m. returning .6:40 p.m.

Fee: $ 35 per person (minimum 2 persons)

We offer: microbus transfer to Spa, ticket income, non-alcoholic beverage.
Duration of trip 4.30 hours

Hot springs birth

 When they enter the spa visitors immediately perceived the smell of natural forest mixed  with sulfur  which comes from the hot springs, where you are  invited to enter the warm springs.

  There is nothing better in life than being at  spiritual peace  this you can experience this at Luna Jaguar Spa Resort  a place where the physical and mental mixed  in a nascent jungle with cold and warm water, in the village of Aguas Calientes, where the emperors of the  past Mayas were the only ones who had that pleasure.

This natural paradise is specifically located 45 minutes from the town of Copan Ruins,  one of the fastest growing tourist towns of Honduras, because of the location at the site
of the Archaeological  Park, a legacy of the advanced Mayan culture.

Bridge use to arrive to the spa

   Entering Luna Maya Jaguar which in maya means the name of the tenth ruler of that empire, the visitor immediately perceived the smell of natural forest mixed with sulfur that emerges from the hot springs that  invite you to enter its waters.
  Then we cross a suspension bridge that leads to a door that resembles the entrance to a Mayan temple   that symbolizes the underworld, a captivating experience for most tourists who want to know that they   expected the other side.
   It crosses a small tunnel and then a clear stream and then meet the crossroads with roads that are three  different meaning. At that point the people decide which of them will be introduced first.

Entrance to the spa (represent underworld)

   In each of these ways, the tourist would expect that only the  pleasant experiences Maya rulers were entitled in the past, when  they performed rituals to establish peace in his spirit in   a seamless integration with the environment.

The natural foot massage is one of those privileges and is experienced in a developed  style of the Maya with half the hot water and cold with the other small stones on the
bottom that give your feet a rest all.

Another road leading to the thermal baths which have a temperature between 40 and 42 degrees and gives the visitor a very relaxing bath with therapeutic properties. 

Relaxing bath with temperatures
between  40 and 42 degrees

 In the same area, if the visitor may practice yoga and meditation with certified teachers, have a coffee and admire the wild landscape because it is on top of the Spa. The third track is located down a small hill where the smell of sulfur becomes stronger, because it introduces a sauna that provides a natural steam bath which has a unique microclimate able to sweat toxins from your body. 

People who want to can request a relaxing massage provided by experts in this discipline, which must pay an extra fee. They are driven to the area known as "The Temple" put up
for that need and where you can see the birth of the hot springs.

Area to have a steam bath

The last place to visit is the main thermal bath which is 38 degrees centigrade. Tourists goes for 20 minutes at the source and then go to another cold water for a few seconds, then return to the warm water and relax until satisfaction.

The primary objective of luna Jaguar is to leave the visitor feel like a new person, mentally, spiritually and physically to have experienced a unique sensory experience in one of the best sites of its kind in Central America.
Only this way we can discover the merits of life in the trees and rocks in the cosmos, the land animals and men.

Place where hot springs birth ............................... Pools with hot water          Principal bath with a temperature of 38 degrees           

In a complete harmony whith nature               Luna Jaguar is ubicated in a rural area                           Total relax     ...........            

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